Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Healing · Emotion Stress Healing: To take out and release your emotion which are having inside you. · Body Cell Part Healing: To heal disease of body parts and emotions. · Reiki Healing: Body and aura, distant healing. · Chakra Healing: All chakra cleaned and balanced. · Pranic Healing: For endocrine disorders; diabetes, infertility, PCOD, Hypothyroidism, Cysts. · Forgiveness Healing: Get healed and learn forgiveness. · Crystal Healing: Get healed with crystal pyramids. · Family Constellation Healing · Re-birthing- Breathing Take 10 sessions of re-birthing and be born a new human by healing yourself completely. · Neurolinguistic Programming Therapy (NLP): Treat OCD, Phobia, Nail biting, Bed wetting, Anxiety, Time Line Therapy, Swiss Therapy, Goal planning, Self improvement and sports NLP, NLP for teens. · Hypnotherapy: i) Addiction ii) Alcoholism iii) Stuttering iv) OCD v) Insomnia vi) Panic attack vii) Remove bad habit viii) Self Motivation ix) Depression x) Fear xi) Unexplained headache. · Healing of home and office: Diagnosis of negative energy, removal of negative energy, how to protect home and office. · Vast Energy Consultation for home · Sale of Reiki Charged Articles i) Aura rods ii) Pyramids iii) Crystal Ball iv) Crystal Chakra Stone v) Chakra Pyramid vi) Vajra vii) Spuna viii) Marquba ix) Angles x) Chakra generator xi) Chakra activation xii) Chakra wands xiii) Angel hanging xiv) Wands of quartz xv) Pendants, Bracelets, Bed Mala xvi) Amazing Healing Stones xvii) All types of Pyramids xviii) And much more….