Sunday, April 9, 2017

One of the Best Reiki Teacher Chandigarh...dr.vandana raghuvanshi

Look at your present life situation & see if you find yourself in any of the circumstances below
- You sense that you are not being respected & are constantly being taken for granted
- You sense a lot of neediness for other people’s approval (which is usually denied to you)
- You find it difficult to express your opinions & your preferences
- You feel subjected to abuse & exploitation, or getting cheated on & betrayed
- You have an attitude of denial towards the abuse you are being subjected to
- You are always one who is expected sacrifice your happiness and joy
- You always seem to end up in relationships where you partner does not reciprocate your endless love (which, in truth, is basically just a form of neediness on your part)
- You feel hurt that people don’t reciprocate your acts of goodness towards them, which you basically do so that they are nice to you
- You are constantly wearing a “smile” to appear harmless & docile
- You find yourself in relationships of chronic emotional dependence, where your partner is almost “leeching” on your energy (which usually results in you feeling emotionally sapped & fatigued)
- You are usually the fall guy, who takes the brunt of the blame, when something goes wrong (especially in your work environment or relationships)
- You feel a seething anger within you towards the way you are being exploited, but you constantly keep suppressing this anger out of a feeling of guilt or inferiority
If you said “yes” to any of the points mentioned above, it’s an indication of an imbalance in you where you are not aligned with the dimension of hatred in your mind. Remember that there is a difference between “being aligned” & “being imbalanced” – being aligned allows for wisdom while being imbalanced causes immature/unwise actions. Sometimes wisdom dictates that you let go of a mistake made by someone & move on, whereas sometimes it’s required that you let that person know very clearly that you are not taking anymore nonsense from them. You gain access to this maturity & wisdom