Monday, August 22, 2016

Reiki Grand Master...Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi
The Time management and personal management is essential for all of us.Why it is essential for you think and share with us.For me it is essential because ...

It is a matter of accomplishment and purpose. I manage myself and my time because I want to fulfill my mission here. That is to use my abilities to enhance the lives of others.If I don't manage myself , I hinder my ability to accomplish what I want and to fulfill my purpose. This drives me to manage right.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Learn Basic course of Reiki from us in Chandigarh....9872880634

Living a life full of many different types of relationships sometimes brings with it different types of challenges & relationships can become a test of our mental strength when what we expect from others is not what we receive. Expectations from others can sometimes burden us so much that at times we can find people extremely difficult to deal with & also we may loose interest in our lives to an extent, difficult to imagine. Just remember that..

Friday, August 19, 2016

Reiki Healer..Chandigarh

Self healing tips...
Give this a try and experience the power of healing from within....Just close your eyes and relax...Now focus and understand...
What deed deeds or actions do you need to forgive or accept ?
What do you need to forgive ?
Where do you need to forgive yourself ?
And now start following your inner voice and start your own healing...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reiki Healing & Reiki Teaching Chandigarh

Reiki is a safe and easy method to assist in healing. Not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and mental level before any illness has surfaced in the physical body.

Emotional upset and mental stress will with time surface and manifest itself as physical imbalances, attitudes and destructive habits. For example emotional upset in the form of anxiety and fear manifest itself in the stomach while grief and sorrow manifest itself in the heart and lungs.
Reiki is a natural holistic method of therapy and the Reiki Practitioner merely channels this energy to the client. The practitioner and client does not connect their energy systems. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Learn EFT [EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE ]..It is very effective self help tool...Learn from us in Chandigarh

dr.vandana raghuvanshi
People who maintain their sense of calm when things around them are in a state of flux and confusion are always wonderful to be around. We feel calmer just being near them, as if they have activated our own sense of inner peace. From them we learn that we can be calm, even when everything around us is in turmoil, because we know that no matter what happens, this inner sense of calm will help us to function well. Often, times of confusion are the times that enable us to find that part of ourselves that knows how to cope, and how to be a light to others in the storm.