Thursday, December 14, 2017

A 17 year girl came for past life regression session, she is sharing her experience with all of you..... Why I need Regression??? · Because I feel I am shy and I am afraid of keeping my point of view · Sleeplessness sometimes causes irritation and scary dreams · Why do I keep my emotion inside me? · Why m I not able to share my feeling with anyone? · Unexplained body pain and fatigue, tiredness, pain in legs off and on. Regression session...... When I had entered the first door of my life and saw myself in a pretty pink dress. I was 3 years old at that time. My room was full of toys, games, cars, and all. I was a very shy kind of girl and was always afraid of talking to anyone. But my mother was very loving and caring mom. My father never understood me and my feelings. In my school days I was very afraid to answer questions thinking that the answer would be wrong. But in my college life I was totally changed because when I reached my college and saw that no one cares about what you say whether right or wrong you just have to answer. So at that time all my shyness, cowardness was released out. After completing my college I was offered with a job abroad. My father and elder brother refused to this proposal. But at that time my mother told that I also have the same right as my brother have to work, so I and my mother went to abroad for 2 years we both were working. After one year when we came back from abroad. My brother got married. After the arrival of his wife the whole atmosphere of our house was changed everyone understood the importance of one another. After 2 years of my brother’s marriage my father’s friend got the marriage proposal for me also. It was an arranged marriage with all the rituals like a South Indian family does. I had got married. I was very happy with my parent’s decision. My mother in law and father in law both loved me a lot. I and my husband had a very good bonding but sometimes due to our working hours and stress we both used to fight. But everything changed after 2 years when we had our baby boy. He was the cutest boy of the world. Everyone loved him a lot. Slowly and slowly due to our boy my relation with husband got more loving. But after some years when I had continued with my job while coming back from school I had met with an accident with a truck which was the disastrous moment of my life. I was fully fractured. After sometime doctors refused because my lower body was damaged and I could not stand ever again. During those days my husband used to stay whole day with me taking care of time and my son used to love a lot which made me cry and feel what I always wanted in my childhood, the love of my parents, my brother which I was getting now. Those last days of my life were the most happening days by being in the bed. Both the families were together, all were sitting next to me as I saw mother entering the room , I wanted to talk to her but all of a sudden I lost my breathe. I was no more. I just wanted to thank my mom for whatever she had done for me, for her love. Those last moments of my life were the happiest moments, but I got the happiness at cost of my severe illness. When I, left the body , my body was still painfull, dr.vandana guides me to light. As , I entered in light , i felt calm and healed.It was amazing experience. After 10 Days: · Mind Relaxed · No Body Pains · Happy at heart · Weight Loss · Speak Freely now

Saturday, December 9, 2017

beautiful explanation on Karmic relationship by Vijay Reddy "The relationship that drives people crazy with anger & frustration are from a past life. These are the people who really get under your skin & exasperate you endlessly. Very often, these karmic relationships are with people in your immediate family. Karmic relationships mean that you’ve had prior lifetimes with this person & you both were sent back to be together to work things out peacefully. This was your soul’s choice, although it was probably highly pushed upon you by your guides & angels who helped you script out much of your life. Usually a karmic relationship is someone with whom you had a battle or other harsh circumstances. You returned together in this lifetime to ensure that you’d work things out, and clear both of your energies. If you don’t clear the energies in this lifetime, you’ll be pressured to continue to incarnate with this soul again and again and again. And each lifetime, his or her relationship to you will continue to be close, either through genetics & familial bonds, or through friendship, marriage, or career. So, that annoying co-worker could be your mother or husband next lifetime unless you clear the energy with her in this one. You’re brought together with the other soul so that you can forgive him or her. This doesn’t mean forgiving their actions. It means detoxing your soul by releasing anger toward them. You don’t have to hang out with the person, but you do need to release old pent-up toxic feelings. Holding in old anger is caustic & unhealthful. It’s also a waste of time & energy to blame that person for family dramas & your own upset. Blaming is a projection of our ego, where we don’t own our own shadows and ego issues, and we put them in the basket labeled: “It’s their fault.” And while it may be true that that person is the instigator of traumas, blaming him or her doesn’t help the situation and doesn’t balance the karma between you. Breaking the Karmic Cycle The first step to break this karmic cycle is for you to take responsibility for its presence in your life. Your soul agreed to be with this person because it was necessary for your spiritual progress. So forgiving yourself is the ultimate secret to healing everything in all directions of time. This involves forgiving yourself for entering this relationship whenever you did in the distant past lifetime. You probably were given red-flag warnings by your angels then, which you chose to ignore or override. Forgive yourself for ignoring those red flags, and vow to listen from now on. Life lessons only count if we learn from them. You get infuriated by how this person behaves. But this is how this individual’s personality works and has always worked. You were the one who chose to try to be in a relationship with him or her long, long ago. You were the one who decided that all of those red flags that your angels sent you didn’t matter. You were the one who decided that you could change or fix the person. Now it’s time to let go of that fantasy that this person could be as you desire or dream him or her to be. You’re not the other person’s Source, nor are you the author of his or her life scripts. Karmic relationships are akin to having a tug-of-war. They’re power plays, where one person will pull and the other person will pull back. No one wins in karmic power plays. But when one person drops his or her side of the rope (through the process of forgiving him- or herself for getting into this tug-of-war in the first place), the power struggle stops. Use prayers for forgiveness for other and self. Saying bless you to the soul. Find reasons to be grateful.