Saturday, October 14, 2017

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Physical pain serves as a signal to our emotional pain. Awareness of your belief patterns begins to relieve your physical & emotional pain

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Love is divine...... When you remember you are made of love, you are no longer interested in looking for love. All that matters to you is that you extend your love to everything & everyone, including wildflowers & even yourself. When you love this much, love will have no trouble finding you. And when love does find you, you will welcome love with all your heart. This is the way of love. This is how to find love.”

Charge your water with REiki healing energy......Water is a great teacher that shows us how to move through the world with grace, ease, determination, and humility. The journey of water as it flows upon the earth can be a mirror of our own paths through life. Water begins its residence on earth as it falls from the sky or melts from ice and streams down a mountain into a tributary or stream. In the same way, we come into the world and begin our lives on earth. Like a river that flows within the confines of its banks, we are born with certain defining characteristics that govern our identity. We are born in a specific time and place, within a specific family, and with certain gifts and challenges. Within these parameters, we move through life, encountering many twists, turns, and obstacles along the way just as a river flows.

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Affermation for PROSPERITY...
Divine substance is the living source of my supply.
I live in an abundant world. Everything I need for a complete & satisfying life is available to me now. God—the essence of all Life—is my source & my substance.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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large percentage of your thoughts are determined by what you perceive through your senses. Everything you see, listen to, smell or feel causes some reaction or other in your mind. See how your senses are connected to your mind. Any negative thing that they pick up or produce will disturb the mechanisms of your mind. If you want to have spiritual peace, then use your eyes, ears & mouth with caution. Other thoughts arise from the impressions that have been recorded in your subconscious (identity, personality &/or character), & they may be positive or negative. The negative ones are often due to deep marks &/or habits caused by past events or experiences, & also everything that is deeply established & settled in your inner self (belief system). 

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