Friday, September 23, 2016

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It is difficult for us to not expect.But it is in our hand to develop this quality. Just for today do not expect anything from any one. At the end of day watch your mind and feelings. If it work for you, You can do it once a week. And one day you will realize, now you do not get hurt as before....Stay Happy Forever...

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Yesterday has already passed. The past cannot be changed. You can't swallow the words that you said, since you already said them. You can't repeat the scene from yesterday in a different way because it already happened & stayed recorded on the film of this world drama. Therefore, don't repeat the words or the scene in your mind over & over again; doing that, you keep alive something that is dead, since yesterday already stayed behind. Learn from the error & commit yourself to you & to your life, promising to yourself that you will not fall over the same stone again. You will think about it before speaking or acting. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reiki Grand master ..dr.vandana raghuvanshi, Chandigarh

To Error is Human...Forgive yourself completely today...release guilt from your system ...learn from it and move towards Positivity.. Stay happy forever...