Thursday, March 9, 2017

Full Reiki healing course Chandigarh, India

Reiki Healer Course:
Reiki Level I- ( Hands on Healing)
1)  Aura Scanning:
(a) Self
(b) Others
(c) Home/ Office
(d) Distance
2) Aura Cleansing & Balancing For:
(a) Self
(b) Others
(c) Home/ Office
3) Disposal of dirty energy
4) Whole body Reiki healing
5) Healing for non living things,  Home/ Office.
6) Chakra Cleansing & Healing.

Reiki Level II : Distance Healing
1) Attunement  For Symbols:
(a)  To create Energy.
(b) To balance/ Harmony
(c) To Connect from Distance.
2) Wish box healing
3) Goal achivement healing
4) Healing to your near & dear one if they are in other city.
5) Uses of quartz for self healing
6) Angelic blessing for wish box
7) Reiki symbol Meditation
8 ) Healing for bringing positive energy in home/ office
9) Reiki healing for pets.
10) How to attack abundance with Reiki.

Reiki Level III Degree with Karuna Reiki ( Master Healer Course) :

10) Highest symbol attunement .

2) Karuna Reiki symbols

3) Reiki Surgery

4) Quartz Healing

5) Psychic Attack

6) Grid Healing

7) Self Protection Techniques

8 ) Reiki Meditation with highest Symbol with whole family.

9) Advance tech distance healing.

10) Chakra Healing in Detail.

Reiki Mastership:

How to do attunement.
Special symbols.

Reiki GrandMastership:

1) Special Symbols

2) More Knowledge on chakra healing

3) Special healing techniques

4) Uses of color Therapy.

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Our nervous system and Immune system are connection between our physical body and subtle energy body. When there is  any disorders related to nervous and immune system, there is a very significant imbalance of energy in the system.In our body Masculine and feminine  energy [ yin and yan] need to in balance. The more severe the disease more imbalance of both energy. In Energy healing session, person becomes aware of the imbalance , in form of different body sensations, like...heaviness, jerks, lightness. The awareness and release helps in integrating the two energy and results in healing.