Saturday, April 29, 2017

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When you find yourself facing obstacles that appear to be blocking you from your goals, it is important to try not to get discouraged. It can be easy to feel “stuck” or that “life” is creating circumstances preventing you from getting what you want. And while it is easy to look at everyone & everything outside of ourselves for the problem, perhaps even wanting to “get rid” of the person, object, or circumstance we may feel is blocking us, sometimes the best course of action to take may be to look inside ourselves first.

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Forgiveness is about letting go of that which hurt you, so you can release those vibrations from you energy field & feel free from it. It is a 'cutting the ties' to the act that upset you. It is totally about you & your energy field.
Every event that happens to us is stored in our energy field, either close to us in our human bodies, in our aura surrounding our bodies or in our infinite energy field connecting us to the rest of the world. The more low vibrations you have stored in you energy field then the lower your overall vibration is going to be, making it easier to attract other low vibrations to you, just by magnetism & the law of attraction, no conscious effort required, so why not release as many low vibrations from your energy field