Saturday, August 16, 2014

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It is all about love, always. Love is the highest level of feeling that the human body can experience. There are many different ways to experience love. Receiving is a heart opening act. When somebody gives you something - be it material, energy, love or a smile - & it touches you, your heart opens a little more.
If you have been going through difficult times & people give you love, it can bring tears out of you very easily. Their love is helping to heal your woundedness, your contraction in that moment. When you are wounded as a human, you contract & draw everything in. All of your energy goes to dealing with the part of you that was left with a hole.
If a relationship ends leaving an almighty hole, you may spend months having to recover so that you can open your heart once more. If you can open to receive it, there will be love that will come to you from others as you go through this process.
Do not be hard on yourselves if you have spent 6 months grieving. At the beginning, it may be that you can only ‘receive’ once a week. Your body had shut down to that flow. But as you go through the weeks, you will receive more & more and you will open to receiving more.   ~~LH