Thursday, November 6, 2014

AURA ....AND ITS TWO LAYERS...dr.vandana raghuvanshi..body ,mind and soul therapist, Chandigarh

Aura is electromaganetic field in and around a person.Every thought, action, character, perception has an energy frequency which forms aura.Aura has different colours and intensity.Aura has two layers inner and outer or conscious and sub conscious layers.Conscious aura is formed by conscious mind and keeps on changing.Subconscious aura is stable and has informations about present and past lives.In regression session aura of peson helps to know about the energy dignosis.If in past life person experines extreme emotions, it gets stored in subconscious layer of aura, and person carry over in form of cellular memory. Past life regression helps to get clear subconscious mind aura layer and in turn helps in releasing the carryover[ not required imprints] from the past. Along with it the process of  transformation starts as  the person release and forgive the past and past errors.