Friday, January 9, 2015


In Auto immune disorder  the root cause is auto immunity , which is the immune system attacking  it's own body cells and tissues.What triggers an autoimmune response like this is not known. In Ankolysing Spondylitis immune system attacks the spinal cord causing degeneration of spinal cord vertebral space.
Immunological memory is the foundation of immune system behaviour and respose .This can store emotional and mental wouned past life memories. Based on these cellular memories ,a particular response is triggered and and it leads to disease.
Auto immune disorder can affect any organ of body. In multiple sclerosis it attack nervous system, in Nephritic syndrome it affect kidney, In Ankolysing spondlitis the spinal vertebras, In Lupus it can affect sking, kidney, joints.
Immune system disorder have roots in body and mind connection .In energy level it can be due to mismatch of vibrations of physical body and subtle body. There can be energy immbalace in it.It can be a result of chronic immflamation at physical level.Some time a result of conflicting choices and life choices are in line with life design, results in sub- conscious conflict accompained by deep frustration resulting in loss of self tolerance.And due to this ability to be with one- self is lost , and all this lead Auto -immunity.
Regression therapies ...past life regression, in womb regression, age regression and re-birthing can help to heal this issue to body- mind - soul heals the issue with alinment with  self harmony