Sunday, March 1, 2015

Some Simple Vaastu Tips that can be adopted for better living. 1. The space in front of the main door should be always kept clean and well lighted. Grow plants with round leaf/flowing plants near the main entrance door path. 2. Grow Orange, jade and lime plants at the entrance to welcome good energy. 3. Maintain a well lit clean fish aquarium with 8 gold or red fishes and one black fish near your entrance at right side as you enter the main door or at North/South east sector of your premises to attract good luck 4. The living room should be bright and comfortable with furniture arranged in evenly without any obstacles. Place TV, Stereo, Computer equipment on the west wall of the living room. 5. Never allow mirrors to reflect the bed. Never sleep with your head or feet pointing at the door. Don't decorate your bed room with plants and water features decorations. 6. Bathroom and toilets doors should always be kep closed and doors not to be over decorated and should not the sited closed to the main door. 7. Clean the floor once a week with Rock salt water and burn dhoop sticks every day to cleanse every corner of the living area to remove negative energy from the premises. 8. Clutter always attract clutter, so clear unwanted things/unused thing/broken things at your home/office at every place and every corner of your premises including books, furniture, cloths, etc