Sunday, September 6, 2015

Read somewhere, like to share.... One of the most incorrect beliefs that we have acquired since childhood is that to worry is to care, worrying is caring. Our parents are the people whom we grow up with & are closest to in our childhood. As soon as we are born, in fact even before we are born, even when we are in our mother’s womb, they start transmitting the energy of this belief through their thoughts & later on when we are physically present in front of them, through thoughts, words & actions; to us, which we catch, because we being a spiritual energy, not only transmit or radiate but also absorb energy. As we grow up, this false belief keeps reaching us from everyone on a subtle as level as physical level from whom we meet & are close to including our friends, siblings (brothers & sisters), spouse etc. and slowly we start accepting this belief as being completely true & lead our lives according to it & even transmit the same to others. . Worry is fear or anxiety & care is love or concern, they are two opposite emotions which can never exist together at thesame time.