Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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12 Factors Governing Your Life

We all are bounded by the law of nature. The super consciousness which binds this whole universe shows its power of existence everywhere. The consciousness of energy & vibrations always remind us its laws which is equal for everyone, connecting us with the consciousness of oneness, taking us from the world of dualism to the world of unification.
The 12 factors or law of nature, consciously or unconsciously are practiced by everyone and these are the powerful tools which can either make us and free us from all worldly illusions through the path of salvation and enlightenment; or it can break us by capturing our consciousness in its vicious cycle of cause and effect.
One can knowingly use these factors to attract abundance and divine love in their life and can also choose the divine path of enlightenment and be free from the illusion of duality or one can say “maya”.
These 12 factors which govern our life are also described as 12 laws of karmas. Let’s see what these 12 factors are:
1 Cause and Effect 
Every cause has its effect & every effect has its cause. The consciousness of universe works on the unseen waves of energies & vibrations. Whatever energy & vibrations we send to the universe, the same consciousness of energy comes back to us. If one seeks love, peace & happiness in their life, then he must tune his frequency to these energies. We receive what we give to the universe.
Consciously using this factor of cause and effect, one can make his/her life full of abundance, love, peace & happiness. Just give what you want in your life.

2 Creation
Universe wants our participation to grow in life. Nothing happens just sitting ideally. Whatever we get in our surroundings is our own creation in our inner state of mind.
Carefully designing the creations of our outer world and working on that, helps us in achieving whatever we want in our life.

3 Humility
If we focus or see others with some negative character traits, it means we are focused on that negative energy despite being focused on a higher level of consciousness. Whatever we refuse to accept, that comes to us.
Accepting everyone & focusing on higher state of consciousness, the negative traits will never bother us.

4 Growth
The growth must be from inside. We cannot change people, places or things surrounding us, but we can change ourselves. When growth occurs from inside, universe accept that and changes occurs in surroundings. 
We are responsible for everything, what we have in our life whether positive or negative. The world is the mirror of our inner self. So, we are responsible.
By taking responsibility what is in our life, we can change it, in a way we like to have our life.

6 Connection
Universe is beyond the perception of dualism. Everything & every incident is connected to each other. Past, present, future everything is connected.
For job to be done, every step must be taken. Every step is important to accomplish the task.

7 Focus
Focus is a very essential factor governing our life. Energy must be focused on a single task at a time. Focusing on different things at a same time scatters our energy and none of the dreams comes true.

8 Giving and hospitality
Whatever energy we put into the universe, that comes back to us. By practicing giving & hospitality one can attract those things in his own life.

9  Here and now
Everything is here & now. Whatever one want in his/her life must be felt in ‘here & now’ and that is in present tense. Looking backward take us to the past which prevent us from having new growth. Looking in future, the things remains in future only. Whatever we want must be focused with energy, as if it was already yours. It helps in materializing the things soon. This is the power of here and now.

10 Change
Change is the path of growth. It took great effort as it brings us out from our comfort zone. If we don’t accept change, we do the same mistake again and again.

11 Patience and rewards
Everything takes its own time to materialize. Along with great effort, patience is also required to see the things materializing.
The true happiness comes as a reward which requires lots of patient and persistence along with hard work.

12 Significance and inspiration
One get job done & accomplished something, if one put all effort in the form of energy & intent to it. Contribution to something inspires us from within and others too.