Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reiki Classes Chanigarh

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To use your mind effectively, you must learn to concentrate & the route to concentration is through paying attention. The following exercise, adapted from the writings of William Walker Atkinson, is very powerful in learning how to pay attention. Take a simple object with which you are familiar & give it your full attention for a few minutes. Study the object & endeavor to see as many details as possible in it. Take a break & then come back to the object & this time look for new details that you missed. Carry on repeating this process until you have discovered everything about the object. Do not fool yourself into thinking you have seen all the details at once. Rather, will yourself to discover more.
Do this exercise every day for one month, using simple objects at first & then more complex ones, until you can find all the details in the most complex of objects. This exercise strengthens your power of observation, heightens your ability to pay attention & develops your ability to concentrate to such a degree that you scarcely need any conscious effort to do so. And when you master concentration in this way, you become a master of mental influence, for you will be able to focus all your Life Force & energy exclusively on anything you choose to, at will & with little effort.