Sunday, April 24, 2016

She found the cause of her Unexplained Chest pain in Pastliferegression session with us...she feel it completely disapered within a year of session...

A 30 year old married woman came to know the reason for her unexplained chest pain. Her medical reports are normal. She told she is suffering from chest pain since childhood. At times it gets severe. After reading the book “Many lives many Masters” by Dr. Brian Weiss I felt that my chest pain is carried from my past life.
I am Rose, a 12 year girl with golden hair, on a ship with my maid (care taker). My father is sending me to my grandparents in some European country because my mother is dead. My father is serving in some Asian country. I am growing up. Now I am a teenager. I met a man. He is my lover. I am very happy.
I am 22 years now and very upset. I learnt that my father is a spy, because during his last visit I heard him talking many times with strange people in night. It seems some conspiracy against this country. I don’t discuss this with my lover and grandparents. One day I went and lodged a complaint about my father with the authorities. This is 1932.
I am entering a big building. It seems airport. My friend came to see me off. It is so strange that my father is already at airport. I am going towards him. OH H H H !!!! my father shot me in the chest. I am falling. My father is crying. Now he shot himself also. I am dead.        
Lesson learnt……….I should not have taken hasty decision. I should have made some enquiry before lodging complaint about my father. There was severe chest pain and feeling of uselessness at the time of death.
The chest hurts a lot at the same point where the bullet hit in my past life. There is a birth mark at this location. I met my husband for the first time at airport. There was a strong attraction between us. He proposed to me within a week of our first meeting. We are married for 5 years and we love each other very much. He is the same person whom I loved in my past life.  After one year she informed  I don’t have chest pain now.