Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reiki Teaching CHANDIGARH

How Reiki Works ?
Reiki flow through a subtle system in human being, known as Meridians (Nadi)
And Chakras (Energy centre).Reiki flows and increases human biomagemtic (Aura).
Who can learn Reiki?
Reiki learning is not dependent on intellectual capacity , education, age. Every onecan learn Reiki.
Why to learn Reiki?
To be with life force energy.
To be guided by universal life force energy.
To be protected by positive energy.
*For self healing.
*To heal your family.
*to heal elderly for health , in your family.
*To heal your near / dear living away.
*To heal stranger in accident.
*Send reiki to future.
*To your bank account.
*To fulfill your wishes.
*For goal achievement.
*Finding lost wallet.
*To computer, vehicle, home, office, pets ,plants, food, water.
*T o charge medicine , jewllery with good energy.
*To your job interview, exams.
*To bring harmony in home and work place.
*To clean , heal protect your body and mind.
*For financial successes.
*To creat good / bright future.
*To get abundance from universe.
*To live happy and healthy forever.