Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi

Dr. Vandana Raghuvanshi
Director Energy Healing Guidance   & Past life  Regression therapy Institute, Chandigarh
Life Coach   , Surgeon, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapist, Life between lives therapy, CDT Expert, Inner Child Facilitator, Inner Critic Facilitator, Voice Dialogue therapist
Neuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) Therapist
Reiki Grand   Master   &  Pranic Healer.
Power of Subconscious Mind Trainer
Magnified healer and Teacher
Crystal Healer
Dowsing Teacher and Dowser
Teacher for Crystal ball gazing
Trainer for Forgiveness
Re-Birthing breath worker
Law of attraction trainer
EFT/ ERT [Emotional release therapy ] Trainer
Medical Vedic astrologer

· >Past life regression & hypnotherapy:   Successfully doing past life regression, children’s past life        sessions, Inner Child healing, Inner critic healing
 > past life therapy for phobia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness unexplained
  physical health problems, relationship issues, spiritual advancement, guidance from    master.
> LBL (Life between Lives) session, age regression, anti natal (in womb) regression, Inner child healing, >Re-Birthing cleansing of  present physical body Aura and Chakra before regression,
 >SRT (Spirit Releasement Therapy)
. >As a spiritual healer she does healing work in Past Life Session for forgiveness and disconnection of disharmony cords, removal of negative energy from past life and SRT in past life therapy session

> NLP therapy for nail biting, bed wetting, goal setting, eating disorders and to increase confidence and NLP for sports person. 
> Hypnotherapy for phobia, alcohol, addictions, anxiety, stammering, stage fright, insomnia  #CDT for OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder]  
>Re-Birthing session to do holistic healing
*Teaching Reiki Level 1,2 Level[ first and second degree ]
Third Degree  with Karuna Reiki
Grand mastership
Magnified healing
 EFT (Emotional Release Therapy),
 Crystal ball gazing
 Activation of third eye,
 Crystal healing,
 Forgiveness healing,
Past life regression and Hypnotherapy
Law of attraction [LOA] and Power of Subconscious mind.
Re- birthing
·    Healing: facilities provides.....
 Aura cleansing & aura healing
Distant healing
 Chakra cleansing, activating, radiating and balancing
Pranic healing for
 endocrine disorder healing example: PCOD, Infertility, Hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Asthma etc
.Karmic healing.
Healing for relationship issues
Healing for negative energy removal
Healing by three fold flame
Healing for group event
Emotional release therapy session
Healing for home and office for negative energy
,Past life regression, CDT   ON SKYPE