Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fear of having Breast Cancer and Past life link...dr.vandana raghuvanshi, past life regression therapist Chandigarh

Fear of having Cancer and Past life link
A 32 yr , women with lots of fear about having cancer in thins life came to me , she said plz doctor treat my cancer !!! When I asked for Medical tests report , she said there is no report, it is in her Mind. She is even not getting married, as she think what is use of getting into this when I am having cancer. She already consulted Psychiatrist, had counselling’s . Nothing helped her. I advised Past life regression session. On her appointment day she came to my clinic one hour before appointment. She waited patiently till I finished my OPD. When I started her session, there was too much resistance to enter into trans. My intutions and healing skill came in use and she entered into her past life…
I am an old woman, gardening in the yard. I am wearing a loose white shirt, a green hat and yellow gloves. I am planting some flowers. I am serene and content. It is 11 am in the morning. I spend most of my mornings like this. My children don't stay with me. I have a loving husband. My house is lovely. It is Paris.
I am in the hospital. I have cancer. I think it is breast cancer. My husband is there. I am waiting for my children. They are a little caught up.
My children are here. They brought balloons and cake. My grandchildren are here too and I am absolutely delighted to see them. I have a son and a daughter.
I did not die of cancer. My cancer got cured. I died peacefully one morning. My husband had gone to make tea and I decided to sleep a little more and never woke up. The last thing on my mind was how much I love my husband. I look exactly like my grandmother when she died. Curled up and peaceful.
I am buried with white roses. The family is clad in white. They are smiling because they know I died peacefully. My daughter is Bandan (my sister). My name is Elizabeth. I die in the 2000s.
Lesson Learned
Love is everything. Happiness is not complicated. You don't need much to be happy. It is very simple. I lead a very ordinary and normal life. But I was happy.
She had a Big smile on face and said you cured my Cancer. I am healthy. Now I will go for marriage, have my family . Next time I will come to invite you in my marriage…losts of to you doctor.. You are my Angel !!!
After one year..
She is happily married now, No fear !!!