Monday, August 8, 2016

Reiki Healing & Reiki teaching Chandigarh, India

dr.vandana raghuvanshi
Healthy Body and Your Attitude! 
• Progress depends on your attitude. You maintain your health according to your attitude. You select the goal of your life according to your attitude. You select the path which you will follow to achieve your health and goal according to your will make a lot of difference, whether your attitude is based on Positive thoughts or on negative thoughts.. 
• The person following the positive thoughts and disciplined lifestyle has togo the long and difficult path but he/she becomes more stronger and achieve self-confidence.
• To develop positive attitude and stress free life you have to develop positive thinking. Some tips .....
-Know your qualities.
-Maintain Disciplined Life
-Follow alternative therapy in your health care.
-Love your Job. Do every work with Enthusiasm
-Keep Family Intact. See others qualities.
-Always remain optimistic. Face difficulties and opposition with courage and patience.
-Habit is what keeps you healthy. Maintain good habits. h
-Keep yourself always stress free. Remain happy under all circumstances.
-Find time for your family, recreation, relaxation and meditation.
-Make every moment of your life a celebration.
-The brain controls the body. The health of the body influences the brain; the health of the brain influences the body. Regular practice of Yoga, Pranayam and meditation brings balance in mind and body, and you will enjoy perfect physical and mental health.