Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Learn Distant Healing Reiki Course In Chandigarh from Best Reiki teacher ..Dr.Vandana Raghuvanshi

Reiki Level II : Distance Healing
1) Attunement  For Symbols:
(a)  To create Energy.
(b) To balance/ Harmony
(c) To Connect from Distance.
2) Wish box healing
3) Goal achivement healing
4) Healing to your near & dear one if they are in other city.
5) Uses of quartz for self healing
6) Angelic blessing for wish box
7) Reiki symbol Meditation
8 ) Healing for bringing positive energy in home/ office
9) Reiki healing for pets.
10) How to attack abundance with Reiki.....
11) Reiki family meditation..
12) Reiki abundance meditation
13)Chakra meditation
14) Chakra Exercises
15)Charging of Crystal and Quartz
16) Use of color Prana in Reiki 
17) Sending harmony and love energy
18)Receiving Healing Light and energy
19) Balancing of all energy with reiki
20) much more....