Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Learn Reiki Healing in Chandigarh...Learn Chakra Healing in Chandigarh

Heart ChakraThe heart chakra is the middle chakra in a system of seven. It is related to love and is the integrator of opposites in the psyche, mind and body and male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity. A healthy fourth chakra allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness.
Sanskrit Name: Anahata
Meaning: Unhurt, Unstuck
Location: center of chest
Body Parts: heart, lungs, pericardium, arms, hands
Glands: thymus
Function: love, relationships
Element: Air
Color: green
Balanced Characteristics: compassionate, loving, empathetic, self-loving, peaceful, balanced, forgiving
Deficiency: antisocial, withdrawn, critical, judgmental, intolerant of self and others, loneliness, isolation, depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships, lack of empathy
Physical Malfunctions: disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breasts, arms, circulation problems, asthma, immune system deficiency, high blood pressure, tension between shoulder blades, chest pains.
Excess: co-dependency, jealousy, clingy, demanding, poor boundaries, overly sacrificing
Healing strategy: breath work, psychotherapy for relationship issues, grief
Key words: expansive, freedom, spacious, open, love, peace, breath, balance, relationship, gentle, healing, soft, unity
Affirmations: I unconditionally love of myself and others
                    There is an infinite supply of love in the world
                    I am love